Our new tradition: Featured Artist

Every month we choose a local artist and highlight their work in our featured artist nook. Stop by the shop and take a closer look. We would love to see you!

Adèle Corke

Featured Artist of the Month at Reflections Art and Framing is Adèle Corke.

A little about our featured artist

It is my personal pleasure to introduce this months artist, Adèle Corke.

A note from Adèle…
Working with fibre has always been a part of my life. Starting with hand sewing and embroidery, finding my rhythm in knitting and crochet and even tying knots I learned how to develop pattern with colour and texture.
On settling in London Ontario in 1983, I heard many times over the years about The Canadian Emboiderers’ Guild but with a family and a career I waited until 2005 to join. The passion was released. I use both hand and machine work to highlight jumpy colours and favourite stitches.
I strongly believe in learning traditional stitching… and then breaking the rules. I have taught classes in creativity and doing what is effective instead of what is ‘right’. Knitting always soothes my restlessness and is a constant companion on my travels.
Please enjoy my work as much as I do in both making and sharing it.

Stop by Reflections Art and Framing to view and purchase her work!

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